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Scientific Research


The Obesity Clinic CGG (Healthy Weight Centre) combines patient care and scientific research. Patients who are being treated for (serious) obesity in one of the three related hospitals can be asked to participate in scientific research. This allows us, for instance, to research which factors can predict a decrease in (serious) obesity. To conduct solid scientific research, it is important that all available data is carefully documented.

When a patient gives permission for scientific research, this means that this patient's details will be stored, anonymously, in a database; the data can be used for scientific research. In some scientific research, the patient will have two give additional blood samples; this takes place during blood sampling as part of the regular patient care. The patient could also be asked for permission to store the urine or saliva samples that are taken for diagnostic testing for future research. In some cases, the patient is asked to fill out a questionnaire; the data derived from this survey could be used both for treatment and for scientific research.The samples and the data are stored in the database of the centre and offer a wealth of information for dozens of scientific studies.

We always greatly appreciate the participation of our patients in scientific research, but it is never an obligation.

Participating Hospitals

Erasmus MC
Franciscus Gasthuis & Vlietland
Maasstad Ziekenhuis